Business Loan - Sameer

After wandering for a lot of months and getting denied from many financers for new startup loan, I encountered with Riddhi Siddhi Multi Services. Since my business plan is on initial stage only, no financer was really interested in funding loan for my project. When I met with Riddhi SIddhi Multi Services officials for the first time, I was in quite a shock because it was the very first time someone actually listened to my business projection plan and help me analyze the amount of money required to project the same.

I briefed them about the initial stage of my business and no previous business track due to which I was having a hard time getting loan from other financer. The executive assured me that this is nothing to worry about and educate me about the loan process form Riddhi Siddhi Multi Services. After going through all the paper work and formalities, my loan was approved in a week or so. I am really grateful to them to help me build up my business.